> web services

> Web design

Site design to fit your company's needs -- from one page up to hundreds of pages.

> Content management systems

With a CMS installed on your server, you can update your site without knowing any HTML. I specialize in WordPress, but have experience with Drupal and other systems.

> Hosting and domain name management

Recommendations and set-up to get your site on the Web, and you don't need to know a DNS/MX record from a dedicated server.

> Marketing & search engine optimization (SEO)

Get the word out about your site using various methods, including web advertising, email marketing, social media marketing and getting your site higher up in Google and Bing results pages.

> Social media

Use Facebook and Twitter to promote your site and brand.

> Podcasting, multimedia and RSS

Deliver your company's message using the latest in internet technology.

> Blogs and forums

Set up your site so you can interact with your customers, friends, whoever.

> Other services

If you don't see the web service you are looking for, just ask.